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Ofrecemos paseos panorámicos por la ciudad de 30 - 45 - 60 minutos y transferencias a diversas ciudades, como: Búzios, Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Isla Bela, etc. Para los paseos de 30 minutos ofrecemos dos opciones.

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Rio by Helicopter ofrece paquetes y guías personalizados. 1 -Perios románticos o Pedidos de Matrimonio.01) Enfoque del comandante (cuando sorpresa) 02) Recepción en sala vip 03) Champán y copas personalizadas con los nombres

Rio de Janeiro - State.

Its history, geography, importance and all its natural beauty.

The first exploratory expedition sent to Brazil by the Portuguese arrived at what appeared to them to be the mouth of a great river and called it Rio de Janeiro.

It was January 01, 1502. It was, in fact, the entrance to the Guanabara Bay.

was used in the sixteenth century the term "ria" to designate a bay entrance.

Guanabara means sea breast in the indigenous language.

Rio de Janeiro is the smallest state in the Southeast region of Brazil, occupying just over 43 million km.

The Marvelous City draws attention for its beauty, with the tropical climate, for the most part, the variety of reliefs and landscapes.

The city of Rio de Janeiro was declared by Unesco on July 1, 2012, World Heritage. It is the first city in the world to win this title in the Natural Landscape category.

* On January 20 is celebrated the Day of St. Sebastian (patron of the city of Rio de Janeiro).

The historical importance of Rio goes back to the imperial period, as it was the only city outside Europe to host a European empire. In the Republic, Rio was the federal capital until 1960.

One of the main tourist destinations in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, also known as "Cidade Maravilhosa", has gained international fame for its beautiful landscapes, warm people and cultural heritage of great value. It is the second most populous city in the country, only losing to São Paulo.

The coastline of beaches interspersed by mountains is a natural postcard. The beach is the most democratic space in this city. It is in these sands that Cariocas of all ages and social classes, Brazilian tourists and thousands of foreigners live throughout the year.

To live in Rio is to be where the economy revolves, to be close to the world of celebrities, sports, cultural production, mega-events.

It is this Rio de Janeiro of many faces that is so loved by its people and eternalized in poetry and music by so many artists. The Rio de la Bohemia of Lapa, the sambas of the favelas, the Bossa Nova, the rock of the South Zone, the funk and so many other rhythms. The Rio of soccer, carnival, musical shows, Games 2016. The Ladeira da Misericórdia, National Historical Museum, Botanical Garden, Praça XV and Paço Imperial.

It is Rio de Janeiro that you will meet with us when choosing one, two, three or as many Helicopter tours as you wish.

This unplanned city, built between the mountains and the sea awaits your visit from a amazing and privileged angle from above, with us, flying by helicopter the beauties and charms of the Marvelous City.

City and State of Rio de Janeiro


State that Belongs to: Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro is the state capital)

Foundation Date: March 1, 1565

Gentílico: carioca ( Indigenous word meaning house of white man).

Population: 6,320,446 inhabitants (Census 2010 - IBGE) / 6,498,837

Population (2017): 6,520,266 inhabitants (estimated July 2017 - IBGE)

Area (in km²): 1,199,828

Demographic density (inhabitants per km²): 5,265 (in 2010)

Altitude (in meters): 0 to 380

Meso-region: Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro

Climate: tropical atlantic

Relief: coastal plain with presence of hills; plateaus, floodplains and dunes in the western region.

Vegetation: Atlantic Forest and Mangrove in the coastal region; tropical forest.

Main natural resources: oil on the coast.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP): R $ 297.35 billion (year 2014)

Per Capita Income: R $ 46,461 (year 2014)

Main Economic Activities: trade, tourism, services, construction and industry.

Airports: Santos-Dumont Airport, Galeão Airport and Jacarepaguá Airport.


-Statue of Christ the Redeemer

- Sugar Loaf

- Sambódromo (Official Carnival Parades Place/Samba's Catwalk)

- Beaches

- Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro

- Maracana Stadium

- Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro

- Museum of Tomorrow

- Ramp of Pedra Bonita - Cradle of the tandem flight in Brazil.

- Tijuca Forest One of the largest urban forests in the world.

- Barra da Tijuca beaches and lagoons


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