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Rio by Helicopter is a company that operates in Rio de Janeiro since 2008 and seeks to provide a new vision of the city of Rio: from above. Scenic drives, shuttles, air taxis and even special celebrations like weddings and birthday gifts are in the team script led by Commander Brenno Albuquerque. 

Flights depart from Jacarepaguá airport in Barra da Tijuca and can last from 30 - 45 minutes or 01 hour. Cristo Redentor, Copacabana Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Museum of Modern Art, Tijuca Forest, Botanical Garden, Olympic Park, wild Beaches, lagoons and islands of Barra da Tijuca and Maracanã soccer stadium are some of the places that fly over.

SAFETY - Our main concern is the safety of our passengers. Our routine is focused on two essential actions:

1) Before each shipment, through a presentation made by a qualified member of our staff, we provide passengers with all the information essential for comfort and safety during the flight.

2) All shipments and departures of the aircraft are always attended by land professionals who guide the passengers in complete safety until leaving the landing area.

TRAINING - The operation of our heliport at Jacarepaguá Airport in Barra da Tijuca requires a series of special care, and the formation and maintenance of specialized technical staff is one of the most important. Through highly specialized instructors, Rio by Helicopter keeps its operational team in constant recycling with great focus on safety and all its aspects. Our ongoing training program covers all areas of operation.

MAINTENANCE - The maintenance of the areonaves is carried out by technicians certified and trained in the aircraft manufacturer and supervised by ANAC - National Civil Aviation Agency in strict compliance with the maintenance plan recommended by the aircraft manufacturer.


The helicopters are: Robinson R44 and Robinson R66. 

They are the most sold Helicopters in the world. 

They have 3 hours of autonomy and capacity for 3 and 4 passengers and the pilot.